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2.1 Flat Panel Audio Mount Speaker System TVAM2-1

2.1 Flat Panel Audio Mount Speaker System TVAM2-1
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Price: $199.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: TVAM2-1
Manufacturer: Audio Solutions
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The Audio Solutions™ 2.1 Audio Mount™ System is an upgrade for flat-screen televisions that gives the user dynamic, room filling stereo sound with some real bass. Our 2.1 Audio Mount™ was designed to give you superior sound quality over a wide range of frequencies and works with your TV’s Analog or Digital Toslink™ PCM Audio outputs. With the ability to adjust the speakers and mount up to 15 degrees, the Audio Mount™ generates acoustically tuned sound that will blow your television speakers away. The system is comprised of stereo acoustically designed speakers and a 6.5” subwoofer, along with a built-in 100 Watt Max Class D amplifier.

Impressive Sound
The speakers are set up in a MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange) configuration, which eliminates vertical lobing in the vocal range. The 19mm silk dome is a high quality tweeter comparable to those found in $500-$1000 bookshelf speakers, delivering low distortion and smooth, extended frequency response of well past 20kHz. The dual mid bass drivers also give great performance in the 100-300Hz range, producing great male voice quality. The speakers are independently adjustable.
The subwoofer is a custom 6.5" woofer with a combination of high excursion and very shallow overall depth. It is loaded into a patented acoustic manifold that increases efficiency, reduces distortion, and controls cone motion for high impact, high output bass. The cabinet is optimally vented for increased low bass output, with a port tuned specifically for low air noise and low acoustic compression at high SPL. This subwoofer system is tuned for solid, punchy low end bass.

Simple and Flexible Install
Our Audio Mounts™ offer a clutter-free way to incorporate an upgrade to your audio experience and are extremely easy to install. The Audio Mount is a much better solution than a soundbar; if you want to mount the TV on the wall and not really see the sound system and wires. It is a much simpler install from the time it takes to install, the look after the install and there is no sub-woofer to hide.  These systems come complete with mounting hardware, as well as a wide range of television mounting hardware to accommodate most flat panel televisions. These unique systems can be attached directly to the wall using the included hardware or used with one of our accessory mounts for a more custom installation.

Versatile Connectivity
Methods for audio connectivity from the television or other sources:
Analog Stereo RCA: Use Stereo RCA Cables to connect the TV or other audio source to the stereo input on the TV Audio Mount™.
Digital Toslink™ Optical: Use a Toslink™ Optical Cable to connect the TV or other audio source to the Toslink™ optical input on the TV Audio Mount™. (Please note that to use the digital input, a PCM signal is required from the TV or audio source.) If you do not have the above output connections or are unable to switch from Bitstream to PCM from your audio source, you will need a Digital Audio Converter.

Hearing Impaired Enabled
Audio Mounts™ have two modes of operation: Normal and Hearing Impaired. When in Normal mode, the LED illuminates green and the system is set to Normal frequency response. In Hearing Impaired mode, the LED Illuminates blue the audio is enhanced to improve the clarity of voice frequencies. Press the button on the Audio Mount™ remote control to select the preferred operating mode. This button is a toggle and will change between the modes each time it’s pressed.


  • 100 Watt 2.1 Acoustically Tuned Audio System
  • Wall Mounts Holds 135lb TV
  • Designed for most TV's from 32" to 55"
  • 15° of Tilt for the TV Mount
  • Hearing Impaired Mode
  • Treble, Bass and Balance Control
  • Wide Sound Dispersion
  • Audio Solutions Vocal Enhancement (Hearing Impaired Mode)
  • Auto Standby When Not in Use (with low power consumption)
  • Independently Adjustable Speakers with 15° of Tilt
  • Acoustically Tuned MTM Speaker Array for Perfect Sound
  • Two Side Speakers 19" long 2.75"" wide
  • No additional Speaker Cables to hide
  • Ultra-Slim, 6.5" Flat Subwoofer hidden behind the TV
  • Simple to Connect
  • Plug and Play
  • Optical Input
  • RCA Input
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty
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2.1 Flat Panel Audio Mount Speaker System TVAM2-1
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2.1 Flat Panel Audio Mount Speaker System TVAM2-1
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2.1 Flat Panel Audio Mount Speaker System TVAM2-1
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